To celebrate the canonization of Archbishop Óscar Romero and to mark the 30th anniversary of the film that tells his story, Paulist Productions is fully restoring and creating a 4k transfer of its classic 1989 film Romero.

As motion pictures that are shot on celluloid film age, the quality of the visuals and audio aspect of the films often degrade.  In addition to digitally preserving the film in the Ultra-HD 4k format, the restoration process takes many of the following steps, ensuring that Romero will look and sound even better than when it was originally released in 1989:

  • Expertly cleaning the film of dirt and dust.
  • Repairing all film tears with clear polyester tape or splicing cement.
  • Scanning each frame into a digital file.
  • Restoring the film frame by frame by comparing each frame to adjacent frames.
  • A custom re-creation of the original soundtrack with new 5.1 digital surround sound by Skywalker Sound.