A Story for us all

"Oscar Romero was a great man.  He deserves a great film.  Many, Many people reached deep within themselves and worked hard to give it to him."
- Fr. Ellwood "Bud" Kieser, CSP

By the time Fr. Bud Kieser of Paulist Productions encountered the story of Óscar Romero, he had already been involved in the entertainment business for over twenty years.  As the creator of the television show INSIGHT and the founder of the coveted Humanities Prize, Fr. Bud had been devoting his ministry to bringing stories that uplift the human experience and showing God's presence in the world to screens large and small.  But something about Romero's story grabbed Fr. Bud, and he spent the next few years piecing together all of the different elements that would eventually bring Romero's story to the world.  

Starring Raul Julia,  Richard Jordan, Ana Alicia, and Tony Plana with a script created by the acclaimed writer John Sacret Young, ROMERO was released in New York City on August 25, 1989 and then nationally two weeks later.   The acclaim was immediate.

"ROMERO... is not only the best ~ the most intelligent, the most heartfelt, the most harrowing film yet made about the nightmare of Cent:ral America, it is the only one that has so far managed to communicate the political situation there with all its no-win complexity... Julia is a revelation as the tormented priest, giving a detailed, low-key performance to make the character's transformation and martyrdom belilvable and devastating."  - Bill Arnold, Seattle Post Intelligencer.